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cancellation policy

Unexpected events keep us from our commitments on occassion.  If you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment, we request a minimum of 24 hours notice by phoning or texting 774.263.2556.  If there is no answer kindly leave a voicemail.  We are more than willing to cancel or reschedule your appointment if you do so in a reasonable amount of time.  Appointments made within 24 hours are automatically subject to cancellation fees.  We kindly request the courtesy of giving us the following notice for cancellation or rescheduling:

  • More than 24 hours notice, session will be cancelled at no charge

  • Less than 24 hours notice, 50% of the session will be charged

  • Failure to show without notice, 50% of the session will be charged

new clients

Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to complete paperwork, communicate your needs with your therapist and begin your session on time.


We do not have showers in our office, please bathe prior to your scheduled appointment.  Avoid wearing strong perfumes and cologne.


It is your choice to talk to your therapist or remain quiet throughout your session.  Your therapist will follow your lead and mirror your decision. There are times that your therapist may need to speak to you to have you reposition, request feedback on pressure, or explain a finding.


There will be no sexual contact or conduct at any time between client and therapist.  Should a client behave in a manner that violates this professional boundary, the session will be ended and the client will still be required to pay for the session in full; and will be asked not to return.

Call for more information or to make your appointment today 774.263.2556

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